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      about us

      Wuhan qingchuan technology co. LTD


             Wuhan Qingchuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.  is located in the Industrial park of Qingshan District, Wuhan, adjacent to the cityWuhan three loop, the traffic is very convenient,  the company has strong technical strength, has a batch of professional engaged in high-end CNC cutting equipment research and development manufacturing, sales and service personnel, professional CNC, talents, machinery, electronics, hydraulic, quality and other professional fields, in the industry with strong CNC cutting automation equipment independent research and development, manufacturing capacity. The company also continues to introduce industry experience of management talents and senior technicians, to better engage in product innovation design, service customers to provide a strong technical guarantee!

            The company is a batch of early domestic engaged in CNC cutting equipment production manufacturers, in the industry has more than 20 years of history, the product market throughout the country's more than 10 provinces and cities, products are exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries and regions, welcomed by domestic and foreign users. The main products are: CNC flame / plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, plasma / laser groove cutting machine, rib cold bending machine, universal bending machine, oil press, CNC coherent line (pipe) cutting machine, ship moving car, ship stern working platform car, and all kinds of welding machine and other non-standard shipbuilding equipment design and production. Widely used in shipbuilding, steel structure, pressure vessel, machining, bridge manufacturing, oil pipeline, aerospace, electric power industry, and many other fields, in addition, we can provide you with Hypertherm, gasmat and other domestic and foreign brand plasma series products and vulnerable parts and other related services as well as all kinds of domestic, imported CNC cutting machine upgrade.

      The company always adhere to the "integrity, win-win cooperation" enterprise purpose, seek development in innovation, seize opportunities in the competition. Adhere to provide users with quality products and good service as its own responsibility, to ensure that the customer as the core, sales as the leading, quality as life, service as the link, to provide users with more professional high-end welding and cutting equipment and service! We believe that with our strength,let the user to be more satisfied,more trust!